Welcome to the Agile Orbit blog! In this post, we will dive into APIs with Grails 3 and OAuth 2!

It you’re like most Grails developers, the first thing you typically do when creating a new Grails application is you install the Spring Security Core plugin. This has been great for helping jump start development, but it’s also a hinderance to actually learning the Spring Security library. As this screencast will demonstrate, you actually don’t even need plugins for security with Grails 3, but rather we can use the Spring Boot Security Starter and other Spring Security libraries directly in our Grails 3 application.

One of the goals of this screencast is to create a golden sample for Grails 3 with OAuth 2 for others to use as a starting point for their own Grails 3 APIs. If you have any ideas for improvements or additions, please feel free to fork the repo and create a pull request! As shown in the screencast, all the source-code is available in this repo:

Thanks for watching and please check back soon for more posts on the Agile Orbit blog.

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